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Hello my beautiful friend~  It’s all about the face!   This summer I have seen a lot of faces & I have to say most of us have combination skin, a few impurities on the T-Zone, oily to dry. Of course, summer skin, seems to be more combination to dry.   Well, Eminence Organics Skin Care has the perfect solution all in one jar!  A charcoal base masque in half of the jar, charcoal has been used for thousands of years.  Most of us have heard of charcoal used for medicinal purposes.  Just a little bit of charcoal can absorb many toxins (just imagine what it can do for your skin)!!

This brilliant masque comes in a divided jar containing two masques, one to clarify & detoxify the oily T-Zone & the other to hydrate  & revitalize the cheeks. Key Ingredients:  Charcoal: draws out oil, dirt & bacteria from clogged pores.  Pomelo Juice: provides anti-aging benefits. Buchu Leaf Extract: minimizes oil production without drying the skin. Willow Bark: calms & soothes the skin. Lychee Juice: high in vitamins & nutrients. Kaolin Clay: controls excess oil & softens the skin.

There is a solution to our combination skin it’s the Balancing Duo Masque by Eminence Organics Skin Care!

 Balance is not something you FIND ~  it’s something you CREATE

If something, somebody is throwing you off balance, it’s important to know what is important to you to maintain balance.  It could be too much work, too much thinking of the woulda coulda shoulda (the past), it could be many things; invest time & energy in yourself- it will be the best investment you ever make.

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with bliss, love & beauty~
Stephee (Eminence Esty)
God Bless


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