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SB13Our story is simple for you to feel our Compassion from our Touch…

Sheer Bliss’ inspiring journey all started April 2004, in a small two room studio west of Fig Garden, through the years we have been so blessed, referral base, we grew out of our small studio; moved to downtown Fresno. In June 2016, Sheer Bliss expanded again; God led us to this charming neighborhood Fresno High right next door to Kuppa Joy, (the Christian Corner). We have some of the most passionate estheticians & massage therapists  in Fresno. We each truly love helping others, it could be in our spa or out of our spa helping our community.  Life is to be shared together, this is why we love offering Couples Treatments.  We are dedicated & provide the one-on-one personal touch that you deserve in our warm, earthy refuge that you will immediately feel at peace. Joyfulness~ its infused in everything we do & pampering our guests’ bodies & soul is our goal~ whether our guests are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or simply celebrating LIFE. Everybody deserves to experience Sheer Bliss…

To maintain the tranquility & calm of the Spa, please be mindful to other guests by speaking in soft voices when you enter our spa ~ disconnect to reconnect phones off please.  We invite you to arrive early to enJOY a cup of bliss herbal infused tea (Raizana Teas) or refreshing glass of water & light treat.  Our Therapist’s time is in high demand, please be courteous & arrive on time to your appointment. Please call if you are running late & we will do our best to accommodate you.

Our Blissful Products

Eminence Organics Skin Care | Bliss Jar Soy Candles |  Bliss Herbal Tea

We LOVE Fresno!  We know how important it is to give back to our community, each time you purchase a Bliss Jar Soy Candle or a SB tote Bag $5 is donated to Live Again Fresno.  Live Again Fresno is a non-profit organization serving children who live on Parkway Drive.

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