Read Glasses & Smart-Phones Can Cause Breakouts

Hello! Let’s talk about stuff touching your skin. What I mean about “stuff”, your reading or sunglasses, & your smart-phone. Yup, you sure can break-out from your reading glasses or smart-phones rubbing against your face. How often do you clean your glasses or your phone (probably has been awhile, right? or maybe never). Simply grab some baby wipes, Burt Bees are my fave (try to avoid wipes with chemical in them). You can talk less, or better yet, invest in an ear-piece so your hands are free, & your are no longer pressing the phone against your face. Exfoliate in the areas you are noticing breakouts, I love the Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant by Eminence Organics Skin Care. It’s extremely gently so you can use daily & around your nose near your eyes, but never above the eye bone (Orbit). If you are noticing my breakouts on your cheeks start using products with Tea Tree Oil & Willow Bark. Eminence Organics Skin Care ~ Clear Skin Probiotic Skin Care Products truly clears up the skin.

75% of users reported a reduction in acne lesions & scars in just 14 days & 100% of users showed a reduction in the number of acne scars in only 28 days with the Clear Skin Solution. Weather it’s your smart (but loaded with germs that cause breakouts) phone, hormones, genetics the Clear Skin Solution has a product to help you have clear skin.

Check out this article: Phone Acne

with bliss, beauty & love~
Your Esty~
Steph Reed

“A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine” ~Proverbs 17:22

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